“Hodas na rukama” production wrap up!

Filip Dizdar’s “Hodaš na rukama” music video is currently in the editing room. For a music video, the shoot was a long one.


As much as making a wooden bridge crossing for an 80′s Mercedes, and then realizing the car just can’t make it through, trying to film 17 shots in under two hours after running out of light on the same scene the night before, or draining your battery on the cellphone causing it not to power on when it’s supposed to wake someone pretty important up to arrive at the location, which has a serious will-run-out-of-light-before-you-even-turn-the-camera-on problem, seemed annoying and tedious – the shoot was a blast.


The actors, the locations, the crew, the props, even the elusive sun, all did their job superb, and I for one, am really looking forward to this one. So, until the shots get wrapped up and present themselves in an airtight edit, check out some photos from the slow motion double time fiesta!







Photographs by Elitsa Mateva