Slow Motion Suicide

Music Video, 2016

A psychedelic journey into the inner world 

Process is everything. Change the process, the results will follow. While working on the concept, I didn't question the symbolism flowing out of my subconsciousness - I took a pen and started drawing the images on paper. That became the storyboard and the video is the result of us shooting those images.

I was channeling the frontman's story of a journey his soul went on while letting go of love.


production house RATIONAL INTERNATIONAL producer DOMAGOJ SEKELJA dop DRAGAN SISA vfx DRAZEN ZELJKOVIC costumes DOMINIKA MANDIC starring MATEA BILOSNIC MARS color grade DCE sfx DOMAGOJ SEKELJA editor MARIO MLAKAR pa VANJA NIKOLIC 1st ac HRVOJE MILJAVEC runner Mislav Vidacek hanging specialist DANKO CVITKOVIC stunt stand in NATALI PERIC underwater diver ANDREJ MAHMIC sea logistics NINO  editing system FILIP HORVAT locations MARIJA, NENO SKUNCA


Mario Mlakar


Amsterdam - Zagreb
Peek @mariomlakar