Rational International

Hey guys, some news!


As some of you know, I spent the most of the last three years being a one man band filmmaker. From ideas, scripts, locations, costumes, props and lighting to filming, directing, producing and editing. Every project, I would reset the cycle and start again, replaying the roles. A lot of my great friends jumped in on most of the projects, willfully accepting the chaos that was about to unfold and giving their best under anything but the perfect conditions.


This somewhat lone ranger mode turned upside down last summer, when a few of us decided to rent a space where we could all work together. Visual effects artists, graphic designers, filmmakers, social media activists; all under one roof. A month later – Rational International was formed.


The company is now a full-time working visual communications collective with works ranging from graphic design to film production and everything in between. Very soon, the projects we have been busy with for the last six months, will start surfacing. TV ads, visual identities, music videos, product design, documentaries, digital campaigns – all have been in the works for quite some time and are about to hit the web in the coming weeks.


On top of that, I had recently been given the opportunity to direct a series of commercials for a well known art gallery in Rovinj working with some wonderful people from Pakt Media and Bruketa&Žinić OM.

You can find the first commercial in the Work section!

Talk to you real soon,


RI, summer 2012